Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bookstands for holding dev devices

I’ve just had my dev devices lying on the desk, but I decided I wanted something to hold them up.  Ordered a couple from Amazon.

I ordered the Insight and the Fellows.  I’m using the Insight regularly.  For iPhones, it’s got a nice slot in the back to slip the cable through.  I’m using a Droid as my regular Android dev device, and it’s connector is on the side, so no issues there.  Haven’t tried the Evo yet. 

For the iPhone, it’s not quite stable with the cable plugged in, so I just wrapped a rubber band around it.  Not exactly high design, but works fine.

Both of these are cheap; < $10.

I also ordered a Gorillapod, but it’s not stable enough when you’re punching stuff on the screen.  I liked it enough to keep it, though, just for its intended use (camera tripod).






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