Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Liking the Droid a bit more

After using the Droid for a bit, I'm feeling more charitable.

Just have to think of it as an engineering prototype.  It's not really a device you'd expect people to pay money for - it's far too clunky for that.  But as a limited production device just for developers, it's fine.

I'm carrying it and my iphone around now (it's a pain), and I find that I pull out the Droid far more often.  The web browsing experience is just that much better than the iPhone.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Droid arrived

Got my new Droid a few minutes ago.

First impression: the thing feels like a tank.  Very industrial.  Not at all a warm and fuzzy feeling like the Nexus One or my iPhone.

And the slideout keyboard is the definition of epic fail.  Useless, probably adds quite a bit of weight and complexity to the phone.  Just wrong, wrong, wrong.  This phone should never have left the lab.

I suspect that I did this in the wrong order.  You need to experience a Droid before you play with a Nexus One.  Had I done that, I might have been more impressed.

It's good to have a Droid though, since they're apparently the most popular Android device.  Good to have around for testing.  But I pity the people who have to use this as their primary device.

Friday, April 2, 2010

ipad - thumbs down

I'm on a ski trip with a friend (teenager, from San Diego, the cultural capital of the world). His unsolicited comments on the ipad:

It's just a giant ipod touch.   Go buy yourself a computer with that. Like seriously what's the point of that? Don't buy the ipad. Piece of ..."

I'm with him. If the thing were seriously less expensive, it'd be interesting. It's not.

Now, I should probably add that he's now chanting "looser" since I'm taking too long to type up this entry, so maybe I'm not so fond of his opinions after all...