Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Droid arrived

Got my new Droid a few minutes ago.

First impression: the thing feels like a tank.  Very industrial.  Not at all a warm and fuzzy feeling like the Nexus One or my iPhone.

And the slideout keyboard is the definition of epic fail.  Useless, probably adds quite a bit of weight and complexity to the phone.  Just wrong, wrong, wrong.  This phone should never have left the lab.

I suspect that I did this in the wrong order.  You need to experience a Droid before you play with a Nexus One.  Had I done that, I might have been more impressed.

It's good to have a Droid though, since they're apparently the most popular Android device.  Good to have around for testing.  But I pity the people who have to use this as their primary device.

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