Wednesday, January 14, 2009

screen (as in old-school unix screen) on the mac - UTF8

I finally got around to figuring out screen - should have done it years ago. On a Mac, you're going to get a LANG default like this:
You'll need to put this in your ~/.screenrc:
defutf8 on


Mike Morearty said...

Whoa. I have never heard of 'screen' until now. So tell me, on a modern windowing OS such as the Mac, what does 'screen' do for you that is better than just creating separate GUI windows or tabs?

JM said...

Persistence is the big one for me. My main machine is my laptop, and it gets moved around everywhere (breaking ssh connections in the process). I leave screen running on the server in the basement, and just connect to the screen session that runs there.

One thing that I haven't used yet, but could see a need for, would be to let two people look at the same terminal session.

If you don't connect to other servers all the time, it's probably not all that interesting.

JM said...

And Happy New Year!